DECEMBER 02. 2021.

Euroijada 2021

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Jana Cvetkovska
MKC Bitola

Hi, I'm Jana from Bitola and I'm here to talk about my first international volunteering experience. When I got information on what is Euroijada and that I have an opportunity to volunteer I couldn't miss it.
I filled the application form very last minute but in the end, it was worth it. It was my first time visiting Serbia and all I can say is that for sure I'll come back again.
I got to meet so many new people and I also made some great friends from the region.
I got to visit great, amazing places. I must admit, Novi Sad it's such a pretty city with breathtaking architecture.
But besides traveling I loved when I volunteered at Euroijada. It was fun I got to help and watch different sports which gave me joy because I love all kinds of sports.

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Volunteering is something very fun. Not only do you meet new people, experience new things but you also help to improve the community. Being a volunteer is something I enjoy and I take every opportunity to do so. I would like to encourage other people to do it, it's fun and you are giving a contribution for the community.

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