OCTOBER 05. 2021.

Beldocs, the journey and the experience

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Mario Kuçi

Being an international volunteer in Beldocs was a wonderful experience. For me, being in a new setting makes me nervous, as I am a person who does not like to go out of their comfort zone. Being in Beldocs was just a short moment, as we immediately socialized with the other volunteers. We shared work shifts in a coordinated way while helping the organization of the film festival was fun in itself. Sometimes we could meet artists and learn from their experiences. We had the chance to discuss among each other the movies and the experiences, contrasting our worldviews but also understating new ideas.

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Socializing outside of the Film festival was also very important. I and many others learned to love Belgrade and its inhabitants. We were immediately welcomed and we had lots of fun socializing with other volunteers in bars, clubs, museums, or other events. Listening to music and watching people dance, just reminded me how similar all the Western Balkans are in their practices and how easy it was to be integrated.

All in all, I would recommend this experience to everyone. The city of Belgrade is great, the festival was a very good atmosphere, and sharing the volunteering work was fun and engaging.

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