OCTOBER 04. 2021.

Haris in Belgrade

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Haris Tutic

I think that ROUTE WB6 is a great program that allows young people to get to meet peers from the region through socially useful work. Through this program, I have improved my qualities and skills such as communication skills, practicing English, and learning the basics of documentary film. In addition to my abilities, this is my first time visiting Belgrade, which has further "enriched" the experience in this program.

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I have only words of praise for the BELDOCS and RYCO LBO Serbia teams because they made this experience better than I expected. I also realized how important volunteering is in organizing events like this, and this experience motivated me to volunteer in the future.
I hope that in the future I will have time to apply for ROUTE Midi and ROUTE Maxi because I want to enrich my experience in volunteering.

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