AUGUST 18. 2021.

Impressions of a week in Prizren

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Marime Gjoka

An old song says that music avoids problems, especially when traveling to Prizren. After a busy week, I have received an email where I was informed that I had been selected to volunteer for the Dokufest in the framework of ROUTE WB6 project. I can not hide my happiness as I have always been extremely interested in cinematography and I have appreciated the prestige of Dokufest for a long time. Since we arrived the staff was quite warm and I can say that I felt at home. The local volunteers seemed a little shy at first, but once you got in touch with them you found out how talented each of them was. I was engaged as a volunteer at the Lumbardhi Cinema, which is the first state cinema in Prizren and for which great advocacy was made to preserve it.

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Thanks to this experience I managed to make new friends from the region to exchange our views and ideas on cultural issues. At the same time, I visited many historical sites and monuments for which I had not had the opportunity before. I fully believe that this experience connected us with each other. If I had the opportunity I would attend Dokufest every year, and I recommend all young people from the region to visit it. It is an opportunity where you can learn more about cinematography but also where you can create uniques friendships.

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