AUGUST 17. 2021.

D-festival in Dojran, Macedonia

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Lukas Junković

Hello, 😄

I’m Lukas from Montenegro and joining ROUTE WB6 Regional Volunteers Exchange Program was beyond my expectations I had so much fun visiting and exploring the cities of North Macedonia (Skopje and Dojran) and learning more about the local culture.

Of course, I wouldn’t have had such a great experience without the young people around me, I’m referring to the diverse group of volunteers from all over the WB! Our relationship was exciting and fun!
The organizers of the D - festival were friendly and always ready to help!

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The volunteering experience was easy and fun, we had a diverse variety of engagements that made us feel the "behind the scene" festival atmosphere which I found pretty cool!
All in all, this was a great experience that I would 💯 recommend to any young person from the region!
Till next time 👋 with ❤️ from Montenegro!

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