AUGUST 04. 2021.

A New Volunteering Experience

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Jon Kola

When I was told that I would be part of the first group of volunteers of the ROUTE WB6 program, I felt really enthusiastic and optimistic. That is because I knew I was going to do something good for myself, the community and the festival where I would be volunteering, which would provide me a natural sense of accomplishment.

This year’s edition of Anibar International Animation Festival, held in Peja, was dedicated to a very up-to-date topic such as the self-reflection against the segregation and intolerance that isolation may bring.

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With the primary task of creating and having to deal with different articles, texts and social media posts, my engagement in the Media Team helped me improve my writing and communication skills.

I also enjoyed meeting new people and creating new friendships that will play a crucial role in the future regarding the context of solving multicultural problems in order to foster a democratic cooperation that values diversity, intercultural dialogue and tolerance.

The views expressed in this story are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the ROUTE WB6 project, the project consortium members or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway which supports the project. The author is solely responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information presented in this story.